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Why Can't I Lose Weight? Barriers to Weight Loss 4

Weight Loss Article 4
Inner Programming – what we say and think
One important thing we need to do is to monitor what we think and talk about the most on a daily basis.  You see the things we think about and talk about the most is what we bring into our lives whether this is good or bad, positive or negative. 
What do you think about the most?  Do you dwell over how much weight you have on or how you try everything and do everything right but you still can’t lose the weight?  Or how you don’t like yourself, you look terrible and you feel awful all the time?  Or do you just think about everything in a negative context like seeing the glass as half empty instead of half full. 
For instance: oh it’s raining today it’s going to be horrible all day or what a miserable start to the day.  Or It’s raining today I best take my raincoat or umbrella or that’s good the garden needs some water. 
You look at everything in either positive or negative and this is where we need to look.  Even if you are saying your positive affirmations for weight loss and liking yourself, if everything else you think about is negative it will cancel out the positive.  Believe it or not Negative is more powerful than positive when you’re trying to change your thought patterns.  It’s a bit like trying to grow plants in bad soil they may grow eventually but it will take a lot longer and they probably won’t be as vibrant or flower as much as a plant grown in good nutritious soil.
This is an important part of changing our lives; we need to be aware of our thoughts and speech.  So what do you think about on a daily basis, be aware it’s a good start.
Your subconscious mind works on giving you what you ask for and this is where your speech and thoughts come in.  When you think or say something your subconscious mind takes for granted that this is what you want.  It doesn’t analyse anything and think well she’s saying this but what she really means is that.  The subconscious mind is literal just like a small child.  A good example of this is one I heard years ago; when you ask a small child on the phone “Is mummy home” and they say “Yes”.  You’re expecting them to say “yes I’ll go get her” but you asked a question and they answered it, this is literal. So you must be specific when you ask for something and keep it positive.  You must be specific when you think and speak so that you get exactly what you want.
The most important thing that goes with this is that you must think about what you want, not what you don’t want because you’ll get what you think about.  So now comes the part where you sit down with pen and paper and write down all the things you don’t want and change it to what you do want.  In other words change the negative into positive.
For example:
I don’t want to be fat becomes; I want to be thin, trim taught and terrific, slim and fit, etc
But just something to add to this is that the subconscious mind works in the present tense only so really you need to avoid the term ‘want’.  To want something means you wish for it in other words you want it sometime in the future.  So it won’t happen because you will always be wanting.

Your affirmation now becomes:
“I am slim and fit. I weigh blah…..”
You might feel like you’re lying to yourself but that will change especially when your weight starts to plummet.

Now I’m not saying that your thoughts will change overnight it can be quite difficult to change old habits just be aware and do your best.  You’ll find that you start to hear exactly what the people around you are saying and how they are programming their lives.  This will make you more aware of your own thoughts.  If you can share this with others at work, friends or family and everyone is aware of their thoughts you can help each other to stay positive.  It’s always easier to pick up someone else than yourself.

A good way to start the day is to meditate, it doesn’t have to be long just 15mins will get you in the right frame of mind for a positive day.  You can plan your day and see everything going to plan, see yourself being positive and see the people around you being positive.  Visualisation is a great tool when working with the subconscious mind.
I have planned to write some short positive meditations so that you can do this first thing in the morning and give yourself a great start to your day.
I will be writing about meditation and visualisation in another article so you have more of an idea about how they each work and why they work so well together. For more information and guided meditations go to:

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