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Why Can't I Lose Weight? Barriers to Weight Loss 2

Weight Loss Article 2
Let’s get to the core of our weight problems.
There are metaphysical reasons for physical problems, i.e. reasons in our subconscious for putting on weight in the first place, keeping it on and not being able to shed it.  There are also reasons for weight gain in certain areas of the body which goes back to our past programming or beliefs.
For instance:
If you have a weight problem around the Hip area that could mean that you are holding onto anger or resentment toward your parents.
If this is so then you need to be forgiving of the past and live your own life not be a prisoner to your parents limitations.

A problem in the thigh area usually means bottled up anger from childhood towards, often, the father.
In this case you need to realise that the person you are angry at was just doing their best at the time, they didn’t know any better.  Forgiveness is called for here; forgiveness will free both of you.  (To forgive someone does not mean to condone what they have done it is just a way to free you both. I’ll go into this in more detail later).

The feeling that you have been deprived of nourishment and the anger that goes with it will cause you to put on weight around the belly.
The realisation that you are responsible for nourishing yourself.  You need to learn to rely only upon yourself for the nourishment you need and want in all areas of your life.  This will keep you satisfied and free.

Resentment at being starved of love can cause weight problems in the arms.
Learning to love yourself will create all the love you need and this in turn will allow others to love you.  You will attract loving, caring people into your life.

Being overweight is a symbol of wanting protection, wanting to hide away from the attention of others and a feeling of not being good enough.  Worrying about what other people think and want.  Not wanting to be hurt by others and being scared of your own feelings.  It can also be a struggle to forgive.
Learning to love yourself will give you the confidence to believe in yourself and not to need the approval of others.  Your feelings are what make you alive you will have good and bad feelings but knowing you can work through them is the way to live.  Now is the time to take responsibility for your own life and create it the way you want.  Give yourself the gift of security within yourself.  Forgiving is the greatest gift you can give yourself because it will free you from your past and your blocks.

There can be other things specific to you, personal experiences that can also be holding you back.  For instance the feeling that “if I lose weight and look good my family, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend won’t approve or they’ll get jealous”, “What if I don’t like being thin”, What if I get thin and gorgeous and people still don’t like me” and another really big one is “I just need to do this, get this, have this, stop this first before I can lose weight”.  These are all reasons to hang onto weight and you really don’t need them.  You need to remove them and the only way to do this is at the subconscious level.
If you are scared, which is perfectly normal, all you have to do is sit down with pen and paper and draw up two columns.  On one side write the good things about losing weight and on the other the bad things.  This can be done for any situation and works a treat because if you can write down what the worst thing that could happen is, you’ll probably find out that it’s not actually that bad after all.  And if it is really bad like a health issue then you can research your problem and find out how to deal with it before you start the weight loss program.  There are always positive things you can do, and ask for help no one can do this on their own. 
So now you have a better idea of the sort of things that can hold you back it’s time to start looking at yourself honestly and see why you put on the weight in the first place, what your blocks are, why are you hanging on to the weight and last but certainly not least Who do you need to forgive.
You can meditate on these questions to find the answers because all the answers are within, no one else can tell you your intimate feelings.  Think about all the issues and ask if there are any other issues holding you back.  The answers will come maybe not straight away but they will come.  Someone may be talking about a situation that makes you realise one of your issues or you may read something somewhere that will trigger it.  Don’t be impatient go easy on yourself as things always come to us in the right time space sequence.  You can’t work on everything all at once anyway so work on each issue as they arise. 
By the way if you’re worried about the meditation side of things don’t because I am in the process of putting together a series of meditations to help you on your path to success.  They will cover things like finding your blocks, how to remove them and more.  Stay tuned for the next article in this series or go to: MEDITATION AS MEDICATION for guided meditations and meditation music.

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