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Weight Loss and Meditation. How Can This Help?

Weight Loss and Meditation – How can this help?
Meditation – a word that is over used and misconstrued by so many, often endowed with different meanings.
What actually is meditation, who can do it and why would anyone want to do it?
Meditation is not weird or something only Tibetan monks can do sitting in the Lotus position chanting; it is merely a method of relaxation for anyone who wants to keep their body healthy and to create more joy in their life.  It is also where you can change old thought patterns and beliefs to change or enhance your life.
Basically meditation is relaxing the mind and slowing down the brainwaves to allow one to enter the different levels of consciousness.  There is one conscious level, our day to day wakeful state and 3 subconscious levels that take us through to the deep sleep level of Delta. 
The first subconscious level of Alpha, is also known as the meditative level where the body can relax much more easily to heal and rejuvenate and where you connect with the subconscious mind to change beliefs or patterns that are no longer working for you. 
With guided meditations you can change paradigms (beliefs and programming that have been put into your mind since birth), to remove the emotional blocks that are creating your life the way it is today and ultimately the way it will be in the future.
Through meditation you can heal dis-eases like cancer through to migraines and allergies, or injuries and the symptoms of them like Paralysis and Aphasia, create great relationships with children partners, friends and colleagues, achieve goals much faster and create success, lose weight and feel good about yourself, become confident and have a high self esteem, it can also be a way to remove addictions. 
Through meditation you change the way you see things and people you remove the negative beliefs and triggers you have set up in your mind.  You are the only person to think in your mind.  Other people don’t put the triggers in your mind that make you react, you do.  They just set them off because you have already programmed them so it’s up to you to remove them.
So how does meditation work with weight loss?  Well as I said in the previous articles it is how you find your negative beliefs and thoughts and change them to positive ones.  Its how you let go of the past, forgive the people in your past, take ownership of the life you’ve created and learn to love yourself.  It is where you can use visualisation to get a stronger connection with the subconscious mind to create the life and in this case the body you want. 
Your life is created through thoughts.  Your thoughts create your life and therefore your thoughts can change your life.  When you combine your thoughts with visualisation at the subconscious level your belief patterns change much faster and permanently.  The brain works on electrical pulses and electricity like water takes the path of least resistance.  So if you already have a belief set up in your mind it is as if it has carved a deep path to make the message flow easier.  To change that belief will take much time and energy or you can change it at the subconscious level which is far more preferable.  Take driving a car for instance; you stop at a red light, right.  That was programmed into your subconscious so that now you see the red light and automatically stop, you don’t have to think about it, it just happens.  And how many times have you gone through a set of lights and then thought; oh I hope that was a green light.  This is the same for everything else; someone does this, I react like that someone says that and I react like this.  You can change anything, it starts with a thought.
The idea of guided meditations are to keep you on track, as you may or may not know it is easy to become distracted with other thoughts flowing into your mind.  They are to allow you to go deeper into the subconscious level through visualising a peaceful place where you feel comfortable and safe.  Then they will directly target the process or healing that you want to do.  It’s ok to read it in a book but meditation is like everything else it takes practise to get good at it.  So if you read the sort of thing you need to do in a meditation then have to make your own it can be extremely difficult.  The idea is to find the meditation that you need or want, get comfortable and let it take you to where you need to go and to what you need to do.
My idea of a good meditation is also to help to evoke the visualisation and to do this sound effects are great.  It’s the song remembers when idea.  How many times have you heard a song and it takes you back to a time and place?  This is why I like to include sound effects in my meditations and the right type of music.  Music once again can make or break a meditation, it needs to be soothing and create a certain ambiance. 
Meditation needs to become a routine in your life you need to make time for it because once you have you will realise how good it makes you feel and you’ll never go back.  Through meditation you can change your thoughts from negative to positive.  Once you change your thoughts you change your life.  If you are working on something important you need to meditate on it 2, 3 or even 4 times per day as this will create change much faster.  A misconception is that if you fall asleep during a meditation it will not work.  Wrong, your subconscious mind never shuts down so it will still be taking the meditation in even when you sleep.  So going to sleep with meditation can be great especially for children or if you don’t get time to do it during a busy day.  Another thing about meditation that is not well know is that 30mins of meditation is the same as 2hrs of sleep therefore you don’t need as much sleep when you meditate.
So do yourself a favour and get a good meditation that can help you with your weight loss goal and make life easier for yourself.  Remove the blocks to weight loss at the core at the subconscious level.  Make yourself feel great inside while working on the physical process of eating healthy and getting some exercise, it worked for me.
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