Saturday, 25 June 2011

Why Can't I Lose Weight? Barriers to Weight Loss

Weight Loss
Ok so you’re here, you know you want to do something about your weight whether it be a little or a lot.  You may have tried things like diets and exercise to no avail or you may have had some success just to put it all back on again and sometimes you end up bigger than you started.  The main problem is that you are not getting to the core of why you put the weight on in the first place and why you keep it on.
It may be the paradigm (belief system or programming) that you have grown up with.  You may have had someone telling you “you’re big boned like your Mother / Father, it’s in your genes, you eat too much, your metabolism will change then you’ll be the size of a house” or other such things.  These then become your beliefs, your programming; your paradigm.
There are other causes and these are the way you feel and think about yourself.  The emotional baggage you are hanging onto from childhood, adolescence or even your adult life.  The let downs, the put downs, the loss of trust because of a certain situation, a trauma and you might not even know that it exists.  It is usually trapped in your subconscious somewhere and you need to find out what they are and remove these blocks.   Once you do you will be on your way to freedom in more ways than one.
I have been on the weight loss roller coaster not that I have had a huge problem but once I found out what subconscious belief was holding me back the weight just fell off me without changing my diet and doing a huge amount of exercise.  Then I had a couple of stubborn spots that just needed to go and once I discovered what I was holding onto from my childhood those spots dissolved too.  I feel free, free of the baggage, and much lighter from the baggage too.
Meditation was the way I found out what my blocks were and also the way I cleared them.  I changed my paradigm right at the core at the subconscious level of my mind.  The mind is very powerful and gives you exactly what you ask for whether that be positive or negative.
This is the first in a series of articles taking an in-depth look at how the mind can create your state of being.  This also means if your mind can create something it can change it.  
In this series on Weight Loss I will show you how your mind can create weight gain and how it can also create weight loss. For more information and guided meditations: MEDITATION AS MEDICATION

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